The Dinosaur Trail: Post 1 of 4

We recently explored the famous dinosaur trail and are excited to include some details about this fantastic adventure on our blog. We hope that local Tablelander’s will enjoy learning about a fun adventure that is right on their doorstep. We became interested as many southern tourists will follow the trail from Winton all the way through to the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. We will do this as a series of four posts exploring each major town along the way.

If you’re in the planning phases of your trip here are some top tips to consider:

  • This trail is not just for the dinosaur enthusiast, but also incredibly interesting for those who have not had much interest in dinosaurs. *Warning it may inspire dinosaur obsession in small children!
  • School holidays are a very busy time of year in this area so book ahead of time. Especially for the Age of the Dinosaurs tour in Winton.
  • Consider buying a combo pass – “Australia’s Dinosaur Trail Pass” which lets you see everything that is on offer including a guided tour of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum (Winton) and Dinosaur Stampede National Monument (Winton); admission to Kronosaurus Korner (Richmond) and Flinders Discovery Centre (Hughenden).
  • Winton has poor phone reception. Our Optus phone had no service. Most people with Telstra seemed to have limited signal. The town does offer free Wi-Fi in most venues which is certainly helpful if you’re trying to stay connected.
  • Camping is a great affordable option on this trail with overflow camping provided by council in Hughenden, Richmond & Winton.
  • Most accommodation businesses did not answer their phones or emails when we tried to make bookings. On arrival, all claimed that they are too busy, so they don’t answer their phones! Most places still had camping spaces available, but council overflow camping was a good option when everything was full.
  • Camp sites were cramped. At most caravan parks if you booked a powered site, you had a designated spot and the unpowered area was chaotic and crowded. If you’re looking for a bit of space, then go for a powered site. That being said, we camped at unpowered sites all the way through and had some lovely neighbours.
  • If you are self sufficient with your camp set up there are free camp options available in Winton and Hughenden.
  • These towns are small with little grocery stores. If you have dietary restrictions bring a good supply of what you need.
  • No restaurants serve food between 2pm-5pm. We got caught out several times after a long day of driving only to arrive and not be able to get lunch anywhere!
  • The roads and camp areas are dry and dusty, save your skin by bringing some moisturizer, lip balm and paw paw ointment.
  • Winter is cold in the outback! Be sure to bring warm clothing.