Recipe Bonus!

You may have seen this sweet potato brownie recipe in the November issue of What’s On. See below for the full recipe plus a delicious healthy icing. Enjoy!


Sweet Potato Brownies

300g Cooked, cooled mashed sweet potato

100ml water

30g chia seeds

110g liquid coconut oil

40g cacao powder

75g coconut flour

150g coconut sugar

50g walnuts

10ml vanilla extract


Add the chia seeds to the water stir well and allow to sit for a few minutes to make a gel.  Process the sweet potato until it is completely smooth and no lumps remain.

If your coconut oil is solid sit the jar in hot water until it becomes a liquid then add to the smooth sweet potato along with the chia gel, cacao powder, coconut flour, coconut sugar and vanilla extract.  Process again until well mixed.

Add the walnuts and pulse until just mixed in but not chopped up too much.

Spread the mixture into a brownie tin lined with silicone paper and bake at 170C for 50-60 mins.

Cool in tin for a few minutes before carefully turning out onto a cooling rack and allow to cool before icing.


Icing                                                                                                Alternate Recipe

200g ripe avocado                                                                       150g dates

100g chopped dates soaked in warm water                         25g cacao

25g cacao powder                                                                       25g maple syrup

25g maple syrup                                                                           75g coconut oil (liquid)

25g coconut oil  (liquid)


Drain the dates and process with avocado if used, cacao powder and maple syrup.  This will take a few minutes but keep going until the mixture is completely smooth then add the liquid coconut oil and process until just mixed.


Spread over the cooled brownie, sprinkle with chopped walnuts and enjoy!


Thank you to Janet from Healthy Hub for supplying these delicious recipies. Find her cakes & brownies at The Closet Hippy, The Famers Co-op, Atherton Health Food Centre, The Nest (Cairns) & Origin (Port Douglas)
Facebook: Healthyhubqld