Atherton Mountain Bike Park for beginners

I’d like to start this article with a disclaimer. I’m an amateur mountain biker, actually I would hesitate to classify myself to that standard. I’m one of those annoying bikers that presses the brakes while going over creeks when I should be pedalling to gather speed and stands up when going up hills instead of switching gears like my partner always tells me to. With this experience (or lack there-of) in mind, I’m going to tell you all about the Atherton Mountain Biking park. So, for all of the serious mountain bikers reading this, this article is NOT for you. Show it to your friend, partner, parent or sibling that you have been hassling for months or even years to go mountain biking with you.

Once you dip your toes in the water with mountain biking, hours of fun and enjoyment will await you. We are extremely blessed to have such a vast area of trails where you may not see another person and can be completely immersed in nature.

The Atherton Mountain Bike Park is made up of 17 trails that range from easy to intermediate. The scenery is often breathtaking as the tracks weave their way through a variety of beautiful tall trees including mahogany, blood wood, she-oak and forest gums.

The green (easy) tracks are just as they sound, wide open and easy to manoeuvre through. If you can ride a bike, then you can ride these tracks. Yes, you will have to ride over some rocks and possibly through a low-flowing creek depending on recent rain. But you will have lots of space to bail out and put your feet down with the worst consequence being a wet shoe.

If you are in a situation where you are riding with someone whose skills are far more advanced than you could ever hope to be, then don’t despair, it is quite possible to both have a great day riding together with the expert branching off onto the harder trails and meeting the newbie as the tracks weave back together.
Both experts and newbies can start with trail number 1. Experts can have their warm-up while the newbies can get comfortable with the idea of riding amongst the trees. Experts can break off at #6, which offers spectacular views across Tinaroo Dam. Whilst the newbie can continue to track 4 until your partner catches you up. Those new to riding, don’t feel abandoned, the tracks are well marked so you won’t get lost and without your partner on your tail you don’t have to worry about holding anyone up or being critiqued for your over-use of the brakes.

All of your great adventures can be retold over delicious pancakes from Slotted Spoon Café, which is the usual post-riding haunt for the editors of this magazine. Dave from Duffy’s Furniture has bikes available for hire and if you’re looking to get some maintenance done or in the market for a new bike head over to Northern Bikes on Main St, Atherton and let their knowledgable staff set you up.

If you’ve travelled to the area, it’s worth staying nearby for a few days to explore. NRMA Atherton Tablelands Holiday Park is the ideal place to unwind after a big day exploring on two wheels. Located right near the Atherton Forest Mountain Bike Park, they offer a bike maintenance bay with hoses and a range of cabin and camp site options. Come discover the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

For videos of the trails and to see why its easy to be hooked, head to our Facebook page and see what all the fuss is about. See you on the trails.


words by Kristina Haren