February 2022 Issue Editor’s Note

So lovely to see the beautiful smiling faces of the ECHO team on the front cover and what a great announcement for the Malanda community – a new Neighbourhood House! You may have noticed inside the cover that we have an announcement to make too? It has been a tough decision, but the right one for our family at this time. We have decided to sell this wonderful business that has taught us so much about our community and region. We want to assure all readers that we will continue to bring you a quality product until the time comes for us to hand over the What’s On reins to another member of our community.
This issue has been a pleasure to put together with our annual Sports & Recreation Guide being a major feature alongside the community articles. The Calendar Highlights page is quite low on events for February, but the Save the Date list is BIG and growing daily so we can look forward to a busy 2022!
The regular events calendar has been cleared and is ready to be filled with events for 2022. Please see page 23 for details on how to submit new events.
We hope you enjoy this issue of What’s On!
The Harens
(Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet)