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Saturday Night Sensual Delight

December 10 @ 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm AEST

Come, open and connect. To your senses, your body, and your soul. And to others.
Experience the one love.
It really is that simple.
In this workshop you will be gently guided into a space where your body is soft and alive, your senses awakened and your heart wide open. You’re on a softly lit deck, wrapped in all the sights, sounds and scents of the rainforest, and after being welcomed, we begin with a cacao ceremony to start the opening of our hearts, followed by heart attunement communication tools. Then comes a dance journey that takes you even more deeply into your own body and expression, and then from there, to ever so gradually connect with other people. When the container is safe and clear, you will be facilitated in conscious touch exercises in pairs and small groups. You will be supported to hear your body’s unique and present desires and boundaries and to practise communicating them. We’ll then take part in a giving and receiving ceremony with delicious treats for all the senses and finish with exercises that celebrate your inner child and leave you feeling fully connected to yourself, the group and the Earth.
All of us are seeking oneness but we are mostly managing to still keep each other at an arms’s distance. Almost all of us have some degree, mild or large, of social anxiety, heightened by these times of transition. Although our minds might tell us we are fine when we enter into social situations, our nervous systems are on alert. Especially when the question of touch arises. Many of us are still unsure how long a hug should last. We repeat habitual and conditioned modes of interaction, while inside we are craving a more sacred, real and present connection.
Our societal paradigms of love and relationships are outdated and no longer working. They end up leaving many feeling isolated, separate and starved of intimacy whether you’re single or in a relationship. The predominant notions around relationships leave many feeling way off when it comes to the freedom/security balance. And we’re trapped by all sorts of taboos around touch with others. Even couples find it hard to find the time, energy and authentic impulses to create real intimacy that either does or doesn’t lead to fulfilling and mutually nourishing sex. Apart from all that, we are carrying around generational trauma when it comes to relating, and have lacked the training and opportunity to be able to practice authentic intimacy.
Meanwhile, the current cultural narrative is discouraging touch and closeness more than ever.
We say, we need it more than ever.
Why conscious touch?
* Our nervous systems are one great ecosystem. Conscious touch and closeness help us to co-regulate our systems and deactivate anxiety so that we can feel at ease and free of tension near each other. That’s one step closer to oneness.
* Oxytocin!
* It’s so soothing…it’s our first language, how we woke up as infants to being part of the human tribe. In the right form, conscious touch and holding as an adult soothes our inner baby and child.
* Touch is a powerful way to get embodied and the body is a portal to the present. To experience oneness, we need to be present and embodied together.
* Touch in a safe and slowly facilitated environment can support you to become more aware of your real and present boundaries, and your desires, to take responsibility for them and practise communicating them in real time.
* Conscious touch will foster your empathic attunement and receptivity.
* It will increase your awareness and understanding of the impact you have on others when you are close to them.
* It can shift your interactive base from fear to trust as you are free to explore and gently let go of past wounds in a safe container.
* You can be welcomed in and free to express your vulnerability, innocence, and unique expression of touch.
* Touch and the present and authentic communication around it brings us out of separation into a collective unified field of experience. That is evolution.

Singles, couples and anyone in between are welcome – this ceremony is not about conventional romantic love, it’s a movement into and celebration of deep acceptance of your whole being by yourself and the collective.
In past ceremonies, people not in a relationship have experienced a sense of belonging, love, and safe sensual touch that is not always easily available in everyday life.
And people in a relationship have had new life and energy boosted into their union as they invite a little more freedom and presence into their space, see each other in their essence and feel the sacredness of their connection again.
All have left in connected bliss.

* Heart-opening cacao ceremony with ceremonial grade cacao
* Body scan/movement meditation
* Dance journey
* Pair connection exercises
* Eye gazing
* Energy sensing
* Observation and appreciation
* Contact improvisation
* Holding and being held
* Conscious touch
* Hand holding
* Expressing desires and boundaries in pairs and touch pods
* Giving and receiving ceremony of the senses
* Inner child dancing
* Cuddle puddle or similar exercise appropriate to end of event
Important Points about Conscious Touch:
* Any touch exercises will be PG, non-sexual and could be comfortably and appropriately done with your Grandma. (Even if sadly not enough do!)
* Touch is optional and fully conscious and participation is at your own discretion.
* You are fully supported to communicate all your boundaries and will not have to participate in anything that doesn’t feel right to you.
* It is up to you whether pair exercises are done with your partner or with other participants and you will be asked so your desires are clear.
* We have been asked about questionable characters turning up to these events. We’ve never experienced that problem. The event is created and facilitated in such a way that any people looking for sexual contact would quickly feel uncomfortable, in the wrong place, and leave, or else spotted and removed.
*** Your investment: ***
With this event, we are starting a new 3-tier payment syste.
*1st Tier: (financially challenged or returning participant) $35
*2nd Tier: (pretty well off) $50
*3rd Tier: (sailing in financial ease) $80
We are offering these 3 price choices because we believe (and have been told) that our current price is a total bargain and this 4-hour event is worth more and we would love to receive its true value. But, in the spirit of inclusion, we don’t want to make it unavailable to anyone who is doing it a bit tighter at the moment. We know what it’s like to not be able to afford to go to something we’re really drawn to.
e sure to click ‘going’ on the event page or send us a message to ensure your place. Our maximum number is 14.
This event takes place on our deck in the rainforest just outside of Kuranda village and the address will be given when you book your place.
We do not discriminate or ask you your “status” for this event. We ask that people use reasonable discernment when choosing whether or not this event is for them and pre-Covid etiquette applies – if you have any cold/flu symptoms, please don’t come.
Get in touch if you’re drawn and would like to book your place or get some more information…..
Love, Caitlin and Tess


December 10
5:30 pm - 9:30 pm AEST
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