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Dynamic Decision-Making & Effective Collaboration with Sociocracy

November 26, 2023 @ 9:30 am - 3:00 pm AEST

Dynamic Decision-Making & Effective Collaboration with Sociocracy!

Do you want to work in effective groups, engaging in fun, relatable ways to achieve your goals?

The training in “Dynamic Decision Making & Effective Collaboration with Sociocracy and Creative Processes” equips participants with the skills and knowledge to excel in collaborative, adaptable, and goal-oriented group environments. This training combines the principles of Sociocracy, a dynamic governance and creative decision-making system, with effective processes to foster inclusive and efficient group work. It focuses on consent-based decision-making, objection handling, and creative problem-solving techniques, promoting effective collaboration within teams. Participants learn to navigate complex group dynamics and achieve consent while respecting individual perspectives. Whether you aspire to work in dynamic, goal-driven groups or enhance your teamwork skills, this training provides valuable tools and insights for achieving your objectives in a collaborative and creative manner.

> Sociocracy, also known as Dynamic Governance or Circular Organising, is a governance and decision-making system designed to create more inclusive, equitable and accountable organisations and is a catalyst for supporting groups of people to function better together. It is a framework for effective decision-making based on the “Circle” process and utilises “power-with” to spread leadership and allow for organising with a structure to organise and navigate towards the collective mission.

How does it help groups to function better and dramatically increase productivity? The methods of governing processes produce:
> Greater commitment
>> Higher levels of creativity
>>> Distributed leadership
>>>> Clear communication
>>>>> Non-violent communication

Individuals, groups and organisations who want the means to achieve their visions for the world through whole-systems approaches with proven collaboration techniques. This training is for anyone wanting to enjoy working with other people in ways that empower decision-making with clarity and purpose – inclusive of all those involved.

This training is a “be-do-learn” explorative workshop to train and support you to learn the processes and put them into practice to make a positive impact when working with groups.
It will be:
> Experiential and interactive
> Provide a dynamic, creatively and graphically facilitated experience
> Appeal to a variety of learning styles
> Engaging and energising

The Workshop includes:
+ Foundations of Sociocracy
+ Social Ecology: Permaculture for People
+ Holistic Team Building with the Sociocratic Circle Method
+ Creative and effective processes to enliven your facilitation and training
+ Real-world “Elder Tree” project as the focus for the workshop and delivering outcomes
More information is available here: my website

The 1-day training provides the essential tools for applying the Sociocratic Circle Method in existing or forming groups. Expect interactive simulations, practice sessions for creative decision-making, and exercises to embody the foundational concepts and practical group work.
Class sessions include:
= Group Agreements and exploration of safe, sustainable and successful collaboration.
= Introduction to Sociocratic values, principles and practices – what, how, and why.
= Thinking like ecology – applying permaculture principles to group design.
= ‘Being’ in the Sociocratic Circle Method; Implementing consent decision-making, organising work and policy.
= The ‘practice of process’ for creative facilitation and effective decision-making.

Venue: 118 Green Forest Rd Kuranda
Sunday 10:00 till 3 pm (arrive at 9:30 am)

ElderTree Trove Members: $50
Regular Fee $80
Limited spots; up to 18 people.

Email to reserve your spot, spaces are limited: toniellechristensen@gmail.com

Presented by Tonielle Christensen, educator at Earth Mumma Permaculture, who activates people and places with edible landscapes, regenerative living practices & abundance thinking; by design. Author, podcaster and educator at www.earthmumma.co

Some links for exploring this further:
A Whole System Science Approach to Governance

Note: We require at least ten people to attend this course to present this valuable information. Please encourage those you think would enjoy this workshop.



November 26, 2023
9:30 am - 3:00 pm AEST


The Elder Tree