Editor’s Note September 2022

(photo by Dominic Chaplin, The Magnificent Broodfrog)

When we originally decided to have a Pets & Other Animals themed issue we were mostly thinking of dogs and cats. However, we are certainly pleased with the direction our contributors have taken, involving native and farm animals. The most prominent being Zoo to You with their beautiful cover photo and article on page 10 about the Australian Bearded Dragon. There is a wonderful article about spotlighting at Millstream Falls on page 4 which readers should keep on file for later in the year, as it also introduces the Broodfrog, which can be heard in the wet season only. Kasey Delben has written a wonderful article about Margit from Lumholtz Lodge that is absolutely worth the read.

It looks like it’s full steam ahead for the rest of the year with another overflowing events calendar. Remember to check out our Facebook page and whatsontablelands.com.au to keep up to speed with all that is happening across the Tablelands.
We hope you enjoy this issue of What’s On!

The Harens
(Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet