Editor’s Note Sept 2020 Issue

We are very excited to feature the Tablelands Dining Guide in this issue. Originally meant to come out in May, this guide was cancelled due to COVID closures. Check out all of the delicious options on page 11 and enjoy supporting our local restaurants who have had some major challenges with imposed restrictions.
There is a new section in this issue; Spotlight on Mareeba & Atherton, which give each town an opportunity to let readers know the recent and upcoming highlights to celebrate. We hope to include other Tablelands towns in future issues
We are also happy to have Tales of the Tablelands back for readers to enjoy with a new writer, Kasey Delben, taking on the challenge while Yolande has a much needed break.
Another feature that we are excited to have back is the Event Highlights calendar on page 7. With most groups reluctant to plan too far in advance be sure to follow our facebook page (whatsontablelands) and check out our online calendar to keep up to date with what is happening across the Tablelands. Event organizers please share your events with us to get the word out.
And finally we are back to monthly issues, so next issue will be October. Happy reading!

The Harens,
(Kristina, Graham & William)