Editor’s Note November 2023

As we get closer to the end 2023 and the festive season looms it is a great time to be able to show appreciation to our local stores by shopping locally. We are so blessed on the Tablelands to have a large variety of unique and beautiful shops that help to create a vibrant business community which is unique to the Tablelands.

Not only do our shops help colour and add character to our local towns they are also the lifelines of the community. Many of our local clubs, events, and even the printing of this magazine would not be able to occur without the support of our local businesses.

For all of these reasons and many more, this issue has a Shop Local theme and we encourage everyone to consider the people behind the businesses featured on these pages, and the passion, hard work, and creativity they are sharing with our readers. Let’s celebrate the convenience of having their services and products available right here on the Tablelands and shop locally so that they can continue to thrive.

We hope you enjoy this issue of What’s On!

The Harens
Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet