Editor’s Note May 2020

This is the first of a series of “Tablelands Unite” Special COVID-19 Issues that we will be publishing over the coming months, as social restrictions prevent events from occurring across the Tablelands. The focus of What’s On during this time will shift to local business features, kids, wellbeing and gardening. Our purpose is to provide a positive impact to our readers day and support Tablelanders during this crazy time. Thank you to Bree Hargreaves for the inspiration to create the theme “Tablelands Unite”. You will find details of the Tablelands Unite group that she created on p12 and her personal story in “Tales of the Tablelands” p14.
We have a strong local business focus with this issue and would like to encourage everyone to shop local. We as the Tablelands community will decide what continues to thrive in this difficult economic environment through the choices that we make when we spend our dollars. Many businesses are transitioning to online platforms, phone orders and other great ideas. Please be patient and support them through their efforts. For business owners looking to transition check out the article from StartUp on p7 to learn how they are supporting local business to thrive through COVID-19. Let’s work together to create the community that we would like to see when all of this is finished.

The Harens
(Kristina, Graham & William)