Editor’s Note December/January 2020

This issue is a huge milestone for What’s On as it marks the end of the 20th year in print and our second year as editors.
We would not be here today without all the work of the previous editors. A big thank you especially to Nettie & Katje for all of the guidance, tips and training which allowed us to continue to produce a quality product. Thank you to the advertisers who have continued to support the magazine and make it all possible. And of course thank you to all our readers who continue to provide feedback. The greatest compliment we have received is in the creation of this issue, which is not only our largest issue to date but also the biggest print run.
The highlight of this issue is the Stay Local – See Local nine page feature. We hope to inspire locals and tourists alike to explore places you’ve never been to, support our local businesses and also appreciate this incredible area that we live in.
We are so lucky to continue to enjoy a vibrant business atmosphere with plenty of experiences to choose from. Prowl the pages of this magazine and stop in to your local visitor centre to plan your next local adventure. Our family wishes everyone a safe and happy holidays. We hope you enjoy this issue of What’s On.

The Harens
(Kristina, Graham & William)