Editor’s Note December 2021

As this issue goes to print the Queensland Government has announced new restrictions based on an individual’s vaccination status. As a community-focused, inclusive publication this announcement concerns us. “We’re all in this together” is the slogan of the year, but this announcement has the potential to cause division. The issue is heated and is often a bone of contention between neighbours. As a small community I have faith that we will remember to be kind to our neighbour no matter their choices, and to be kind to our business owners who give so much back to our community.
Another heated issue which may have caught your eye is the beautiful Northern Glider on the back cover. This animal’s home, Chalumbin, is in danger of being destroyed for clean energy development. We certainly don’t have the solutions, but surely clean energy can be built without destroying pristine forests? Join the debate by attending the meeting (details on p4).
We wish all of our readers a very safe and happy festive season. We hope you enjoy time with friends and family exploring our beautiful area. Thank you for all of the support, feedback, and kind words through this past year.
We hope you enjoy this bi-annual bumper issue. We’ll see you in February!
The Harens
(Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet)