Editor’s Note August 2023

Thank you to Bec from Cowgirl Country for being our cover star in this awesome photo by Denim & Lace Photography. This issue has a conservation theme and Cowgirl Country is right on point with Bec’s beautiful handmade and re-purposed products.

Conservation is a much-discussed issue at the moment and many kids are rightly worried about the state of the world. We hope that readers can find some tips in the Eco Anxiety article on page 8 to assist our young people to navigate this complicated time.
There is an excellent article on page 10 about the actions that local farms on the Tablelands are taking to continue to care for our land and provide us with an abundance of food. They are all heroes in our books!

And our top pick of the month is Tales of the Tablelands by Kasey Delben. As editors we are always delighted to receive Kasey’s articles and this one is one of our favourites – see for yourself on page 18.

We hope you enjoy this issue of
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The Harens
(Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet)