Dinosaur Trail: Post 3 of 4 Richmond

Next stop on the dinosaur trail – Richmond

We took the Landsborough Highway from Winton to Richmond and at the time of writing it was in excellent condition. Check in at the Visitor Centre for updates on road conditions and consider taking the long way around if unsure. Richmond was the family favourite on this trail. We stayed at the Lakeview Caravan Park which actually had GREEN grass and a view of the lake. Fossicking is easily accessible in just a few minutes drive from town with two sites available. One site is ideal for younger kids as it has softer dirt and one that is a bit more rocky – best for those looking to use some muscle as they search. You must have a licence to fossick which can be purchased for a small fee at the museum in town. One could easily spend hours or even days sifting through rocks with the hopes of finding something ancient. Finding fossils in this area is pretty common. We were lucky enough to uncover a few different fossils with our most exciting find being a large shark tooth. Cool off after a hot day at the prehistoric inspired splash pad. The museum in Richmond, Kronosauras Korner, was pretty incredible with an epic video introduction and had really interesting and informative displays.