April 2022 Editor’s Note

This year the ideas are really flowing and we are doing a lot of “firsts”. As such it is with great pleasure that we present our first ever history-themed issue! For many of our readers it will come as no surprise that there was an abundance of information to include in this issue, and we hope that you enjoy what we decided to present here.
There are plenty of ideas to get our history writers in the making (kids) inspired in the article from local writer Crystal Leonardi on p10.
We also absolutely had to include one of the most delicious holidays of the year, which is so beautifully illustrated on the front cover by Coffee Works. We hope you make Easter extra special by buying locally made chocolate from Coffee Works or Gallos – or how about both?!
This is the time of year when events start to ramp up. There are plenty to choose from including the Kairi Rainbow Fair, Kallidad live concert in Malanda, Undara Rock & Blues Festival, Mt Garnet Races & Rodeo, Fusion Cooking School, and so much more. Find all the details in our Calendar Highlights on p12.
We hope you enjoy this issue of What’s On!
The Harens
(Kristina, Graham, William & Scarlet)